Sunday, February 19, 2012

not wasted

We have this bad habit of letting Saturdays turn into those black holes of days, where suddenly all time is sucked into nowhere and you're left worn out at 8 p.m. with absolutely nothing to show for yourself except sweater teeth and an empty can of Diet Dr Pepper. Yesterday, we were determined to fight our lazy selves and be up and at 'em. And so we were. We headed to Midway, UT, home of HGTV's current "dream home," which I'm sorry to tell you all, but we're going to win. According to my very optimistic husband. So without further ado, our future home:

Yup, the cost to heat that thing - when we win it, of course - will be more than our current monthly rent. But no matter, WE WILL HAVE WON. They were doing "private, scheduled tours," of which we weren't a part. So we just stalked it. Which will be so much easier to do when we live in it.
We stopped at The Store to pick up some sugar cookies (they're like heaven, with frosting), of which I'm proud to say I consumed only one. (Seriously. Major accomplishment. Still wearing the golden star on my forehead.) And we also stopped at Gram's Special House to use the facilities. Annabelle went and visited her favorite field, which was quite a different sight compared to last summer when she ran around practically naked. Remember?
And then we grabbed some greasy goodness at Dairy Keen, home of the train? (Annabelle was a huge fan, not of the food, although it is good in it's local diner kind of way, but of the train that runs on a track through the restaurant's ceiling, and of the outdoor table train. Where we visited and froze our tooshies off.
This is me artistically concealing my belly fat.
This is me not artistically concealing my belly fat.
All in all, a not wasted Saturday. And I say hurrah.

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Jeanette said...

We are also planning on winning that house, so beware!! :) I love all pictures, the girls are. gorgeous!


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