Monday, April 23, 2012


So I've posted pictures from this spot (Temple Quarry Trail, at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon) before (check out that link for a little flash back in time...whoaaaa belly). The truth of the matter is, we frequent this little trail at least once a week when the sun is out. It's ten minutes away, flat and easy, yet completely and utterly beautiful. Just a little get-a-way in the midst of things that doesn't require a cooler, a box of diapers, and six hundred sippies. Belle's really familiar with it by now and always leads the way, directing us, politely: "Go down there. PLEASE." And so we do.
I was talking to a friend this morning and she hadn't heard of this lovely little spot of goodness. For more information, go here. We do just the little walk-about at the base (not the actual hike that goes up the canyon).


Riss said...

Belle's fony tail is so cute!

Rachel said...

Annabelle looks so old in these pictures! (haha, I'm sure that's the last thing you want to hear, sorry!) All you girls are lovely.


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