Thursday, April 19, 2012

a thank you note

I married Jess, and three days later, moved across the country to North Carolina. In truth, I'm fairly certain I didn't notice my family was missing, because in the first place, we talk to each other daily (still) and also - I was a newlywed. Quite giddy and content and happy to be with my love. The second week of church, I was doing my silent observer thing, watching the dynamics of people and groups, when this girl walks up to me. "Hey. I'm Micki. I'm having a little lunch group at my house on Wednesday. Do you want to come?"
I did go. And I went many weeks thereafter.
About a year ago, Micki, who had moved to West Virginia while her husband finished school, emailed me to ask where I lived in Salt Lake because they were headed back! I told her a little about my searching and where we ended up. (And how due to a certain husband's inability to make decisions, we may live in an apartment forever.) She emailed back to let me know she'd put her name on the waiting list for my apartment complex. They moved in just before I delivered Lou. And she was at my door with delicious Indian food a few days after I got home with that little baby who prevented meal preparation for a few months. Whenever I need someone - and often in a pinch - Micki's there. Annabelle adores her, and Lou doesn't hate her, which is high praise. A few weeks ago, Micki boxed up some clothes for Annabelle that her girls had grown out of. Of course, Annabelle was in heaven and the first day, wore seven different outfits. SEVEN. The photos in this post document some of them.
A few months after I had Lou, she invited me to start walking with her in the morning. Because I was eager to try something different than spinning, and still too nervous to run with my tempermental tendons, I started walking. When I mentioned I secretly wanted to try and run a mile, she said, "Okay, let's do it." So we did. And then we ran a little more. And now we run a few miles every other day. (Yes, I'm running again. I haven't dared mention it for fear I'd jinx myself. I'm currently knocking on wood while typing.) Every morning, even when my eyes barely manage to open, and I feel a little like dying, I get my rear out of bed, because I know Micki is out there - come rain, snow, wind - waiting. And every day I am so glad I do.
Micki and her husband bought a lovely home and moved last weekend. They live two minutes away, and we've still managed to get together to run, but I just want her to know that I think she's great. She's the kind of friend and mother I want to be. She's proactive about helping others. She's patient with her children (and all children), and she teaches them individually. She remembers details about your life. About everyone's lives. She's truly a gem.
In our little apartment kitchen, there are cupboards that face each other, separated by about five feet. When Annabelle plays, the cupboards on the left are designated Micki's house and the cupboards on the right, Annabelle's house. She talks to Micki and borrows sugar from her all day. And I love it. Because Micki truly is the best and deserves the best cupboard in the house. :)

Thank you, Friend.


lichelle said...

This is beautiful. Everyone needs a friend like Micki.

Rachel said...

I am jealous of both of you that you live so close to each other. Micki really is the best, isn't she? You described her perfectly. My boys adore her as well. You are both wonderful friends and I miss you both!


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