Sunday, April 13, 2014

it's been said

{upon examining a toy cow figure}
Lou: Hmm. What's dat? Dat poo?
Me: Um, no. It's the udder. It's how we get milk from a cow.
Lou, picking up the toy horse figure and examining its underside: The horse no get milk?
{while Jess attempts to wrestle Lou}
Lou: Get away boy!
Belle: Mom, can I wear my Rapunzel dress for just a second?
Me: How about after naps?
Belle: Mommmmm. How about after just half of a second?
Lou: Sissy! Dis is terrible!
Annabelle: What is terrible?
Lou: Mommy's in her bed, she say, I tie-wed!
{storms off to find me with her demon face on - 
I was not in bed and heard and witnessed the whole thing -
 it was hilarious}
Me: What do you think of the soup?
Belle: It's pretty good, but pretty different. It needs corn. 
{my mini chef}
{while watching Rise of the Guardians}
Lou: Oh, it's a scary part! Sissy, you keep me safe?
Belle: Yes. Just sit down. You're safe with me. See, is this part okay?
Lou: Yeah. Thank you Sissy, for getting me safe.
{and then my heart broke in a million pieces}
Lou: Jack and the Frost = Jack Frost

Me: Lou, who do you love? {expecting her to say, "Mommy."}
Lou, whispering: Jesus.
{after she's been too quiet for too long}
Me: Lou? Where are...oh, what are you...
Lou: I pooping...Leave me alone.
{while I cut raw chicken}
Lou: Moooommmm! Mommmm!
Me: Belle, will you go see what Lou needs? My hands are all gross.
{Belle runs upstairs}
Belle: Um...Mom? Lou's in her bed...and she can't get out.
{NOTE: I did not put her in the bed.}
{while watching Toy Story 3, under her breath}
Belle: Andy's room isn't clean...why does my room always have to be clean?
{for the record, her room is hardly always clean!}
{while praying}
Lou: Tankful for Daddy and tankful for tattoos...
{awesome - she's referring to temporary ones Annabelle got for Valentine's from preschool}
{while I laid on the couch with her flu bug}
Lou: Mommy, you sick?
Me: Yeah, I'm not feeling too good.
Lou: Oh, you need medicine? I can't get it. It too high. Lemme lemme feel your belly. Now breathe like dis (huffs and puffs). Dare. Feeling better?
{she was sick so often for so long that she has every diagnosis routine down pat}

Lou: Oh my gosh!
Me: Lou, say, "Oh my goodness."
Lou: No. I can't. OH MY GOSH!
{while playing princesses}
Lou: Hi. I Belle.
Me: Oh, hello Belle. How are you?
Lou: Uh...where my prince?
{while playing at a friend's house}
Me: Wow! Look at this cute play kitchen!
Little friend: My mom made it.
Me: Wow, your mom is so creative!
Annabelle: I wish you were creative Mom...
{on Saturday night}
Belle: I don't wanna go to my class. I'm tired of church!
Me: Your Daddy is crazy!
Jess: Your Mommy is crazy!
Lou: No...Me is crazy!
{true dat}
Belle: Oh my goodness grief!
{as Jess repeatedly kisses my cheek}
Lou: Oh guys. Stop kissing!
{Jess walks over and kisses her}
Lou: Oh, that's much better.

{while hiking in Capitol Reef National Park}
Me: What do you think is in those tiny holes in the rocks?
Belle, without hesitation: Bats and rats and spiders.
{while hiking in Capitol Reef, when her shoes filled with sand}
Lou: My foot is dragging!
{over and over}
{still hiking in Capitol Reef}
Lou: I a hiking guhrl!
{as Jess attempts to wrestle Lou}
Lou: Daddy stop! I not a baby anymore! I just a kid!
{while in the back garden (yard)}
Lou: The bugs are in my sun!
{while praying, while Daddy is at work}
Lou: Thankful for be in the back garden.
Me: I'm trying to find a hotel for us...
Lou: A hotel!? I love hotels!
Belle: Me too. I wish we lived in a hotel and not this house...

{while watching General Conference}
Lou: Hey! That's Tomlinson! (Thomas S. Monson) That's my man!
{while watching General Conference}
Lou: Sissy! It's Uchtdorf! I love him! I marry him!
{after Lou spits a half-chewed banana in my hand}
Belle: When I'm a mom, I don't want to hold slobbery things...
{good luck with that}
{after her teacher gives her extra homework, per her request, I find her crying}
Me: What's wrong? Do you not want extra homeowork?
Belle: No! It's too easy! And I want MORE. Why didn't Miss Sam give me more!?!
{Miss Sam now gives her two packets per week. It's hilarious.}
Annabelle and Lou: hanitizer = hand sanitizer 
{and why not?}

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eclaires said...

So I've been away from the blogosphere for awhile, but I was happy to come to your blog today and find these lovely, laughter-inducing nuggets.

Oh, and you can tell Lou that most women in the Church love Uchtdorf and want to marry him! ;)


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