Sunday, April 6, 2014


So have y'all heard about Home Depot's monthly Kids Workshops? If not, I'm pretty sure it's my duty to spread the word. On the first Saturday of every month, Home Depot hosts a free Kids Workshop. Kids get a little woodworking project and a mini Home Depot apron, and they get to take home both. It's so clever, and so much fun.

Of course, these little projects generally require the assistance of an adult, and we were lucky this week to have an extra grandma, grandpa, uncle, and aunt on hand. I was most grateful as I almost always get at least one step backwards or wrong, and I was happy to hand over the reigns to Tanner to help Lou.

Those are tiny little bird feeders that the girls are holding. They took their jobs so seriously in putting them together and getting the paint job just right (mostly pink). So cute. Next month is a flower know you want to make one! :)

A Grandpa photo bomb. Epic.


danielle said...

I love this so much.

Rachel said...

Cute!! We've been once but keep forgetting to go back. I'm putting it on my calendar right now!

Kimberly Cheney said...

Yep, we're def doing this over the summer!


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