Thursday, January 19, 2012

six months

Little Lala:

Six months. For real? I can't begin to tell you how lovely you've made the last six months. My only regret is that they seem to have passed entirely too quickly. You continue to just be the happiest little thing around. People - strangers and friends alike - are constantly commenting on that "happy little baby!"
This month you sealed the deal on being a mama's girl. Yes, yes. Mommy is definitely your favorite. That said, your older sister is in serious competition with me. You two have become best buds in the last month. Annabelle is a little obsessed with you - she loves to "hold" you and loves trying to pick you up (don't worry - she hasn't done so unsupervised...yet). She loves to make you laugh and smile, and she's actually starting to share toys. You love your Daddy bunches too. In fact, your most consistent babble is a "Da da da da da da." Some people dismiss that kind of babble, but I sincerely believe there is some recognition in the sounds babies make.
You started sitting this month. Sort of unassisted. You still need some pillows for support and for catching your sideways dives. You love to hold every little thing in your vicinity. You love to examine things until you've really determined how they operate. You give head bumps, just like your big sister did. It's your own little sign of affection, and my forehead is often red from your continual bumping. You love to bump my head and hold my hair. You also still love your blanket. Um, lots. You dive into it and eat it and roll around in it. You can't sleep without it.
You've had like six hundred colds this month. (Which accounts for your semi-somber photo shoot and your crusty nose.) I'm sorry baby. Its a germy time of year. You're a real trooper, and a week before you turned six months, the doctor okayed baby ibuprofen for you, which was a serious lifesaver. Your sleep has been whack-a-doo this month, but I think it's mostly because you haven't been able to breathe very good with all these colds. You haven't started solid foods yet, but when we get from Hawaii, it's time. I know you're ready - you try to steal our food regularly and follow our eating utensils to our mouth with your mouth open.
You've got a little bit of hair on that big head of yours (96th percentile), but you're mostly our "baldly" as your sister loves to call you. You're super tall and fit into some 12 month clothes. Although you're not wide enough to fill out most.You do this thing with your little hands that looks like you're waving. I know you're not exactly saying hello or goodbye, but I love watching you realize that you have control over the way your hands move. You like to stand up on the couch or on the church pews as well. Your legs are straight and strong, and I sometimes wonder if you'll crawl at all.
Happy half year sweet thing. I hope you know that you're my heart little Lou Lou. And my joy. And I can't get enough of you.

All my love,
Here she is at one month.
Here she is at two months.
Here she is at three months.
Here she is at four months.
Here she is at five months.

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The Meacham's said...

Lou is sooo adorable. I can't believe she is 6 months already! Oh, and I love that guitar your mom gave Annabelle. Such a great gift!


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