Thursday, February 27, 2014

gram's basement

​I've mentioned Jess' grandma before. She's as dear to me as anyone I know, and the girls absolutely adore her. When we're not sick, we try to go visit about once a week. With the recent onslaught of disease in our house, we haven't been up to visit for quite a while. So today, as we appear to be in good health (although I fully expect leprosy or something to be just around the corner), I picked up some lunch and we headed to Gram's.

Gram's house is one of my favorite places. There is a sense of peace there unlike any other home I've been in. And it's like walking back in time. She and Pop (who isn't with us anymore) have always lived a frugal, simple life. Gram is content with the things she has and doesn't need anything more. Her basement is a wonderland for the girls. The toy cabinet is the same toy cabinet that Jess and his siblings played with, and the toys are just as old. But no matter - you step down the stairs and you step back in time. And honestly, when you're at Gram's, time stands still and everything is good and wonderful. Even if it's for just an hour.

I just love this lady. And her basement full of treasures.

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Kimberly Cheney said...

Love. Love. Love.
The film canisters, dominoes- there are so many memories in that basement. And you're right about her home being a place of refuge, peace, love and service. She's amazing. Time really does stand still in her home.


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