Tuesday, July 24, 2012

twelve months

Lou Lou:

Oh man. The month I dread. Your age isn't counted in months anymore. You have a year behind you! That said, you are seriously SERIOUSLY at the most fun age. If pregnancy didn't totally rock my world in not awesome ways, I'd probably have ten babies just to get to do this age ten times over again. You are seriously a delight.

First things first: YOU GOT A TOOTH! Actually, you pushed two of those babies through this month. They're not actually grown all the way in, but HEY. That's something. Funny thing is, you have one on the bottom-left and one on the top-right. Just like your sister, your teeth aren't following "the rules," and they're not growing in in pairs. After that first tooth pushed through, you started sleeping SO. MUCH. BETTER. And I shouted to the world, "I told ya so!" I can tell when they're hurting you too - you don't want to eat much and you get the cranks at bed time. But when they're not! Boy howdy! You also got a killer cold. In fact, you got it just a few days before you turned one, and continued blowing snot rockets through your birthday party.

But let's be honest - you're mostly happy. Like all the time. You are the smiliest thing on the planet still. I hope you're always this way. I hope you are able to keep your cheeriness about you. You have no fear and routinely run away from me when you can. Like don't even care if you can see me. It stresses me out and exhausts me all at the same time. You're also a dare devil and you're fairly confident you can do anything anyone else can do. You have to be buckled in to shopping carts and high chairs or you will stand up and try to dive out. You go down Papa's play slide (and climb up the ladder) by yourself. Sometimes you fall, but you never care and you giggle and start over again. You don't mind being dirty, you love playing in the sand, and you love playing with your food. When you're done eating, you take each little piece and toss it off the edge of the high chair. Then you lean over and look for its landing spot. You love sippies and guzzle water like nobody's business. I still haven't given you cow milk. I hate cow milk and dread the day we switch. You still eat everything. Some days you don't eat much - those are the days I'm assuming your little mouth is aching.

You're like more than obsessed with dogs. It's a little out of control. You love shoes and bring me a pair routinely to put on you. You also try to put them on yourself. You love purses and sling them on your tiny arm, holding that arm up so high so they won't fall. You like trying to fit objects together, like cups in cups, or stacking things on top of each other. You've also figured out the art of play food (I assume you watch your sister) and you'll put play food in a bowl, then smack your lips and pretend to eat it. You love your toy dog (from Jackson Hole) almost as much as your blanky. I love when you walk away with Dog under your arm and blanky trailing behind you. Such a simple life - all the things you need in two arms.

You love reading more than most anything else. You bring us book after book after book after book. You make the cutest little face and hold the book out with two hands, saying "Buh?" And sometimes, "Buh? Pease?" You will only say please for a book. One day you led Daddy to the basket of books and shouted, "BUH! PEEEEEAAASSSE!" The minute he walks in the door from work, you do your happy dance, then take him to the books. You also love playing Legos with him. Oh, and you do this thing where you take small Lego pieces (and other small things like hair clips) and stick them down the back of your shirt. If there are any missing Legos, we know where to look.

You say little words that we understand occasionally and lots of jibberish that we don't all the time. We love your jibberish so much though; we secretly hope you don't learn how to talk right. :) You also repeat many words when asked to, as long as they're not too crazy. You say, "Mommmmeeeee!" like all day. You're an independent little soul. Unlike your sister, you don't play wherever I am all the time. You're fine wandering off on your own and finding some trouble to get in to.
Your first year was a grand success. I hope you know you are loved to bits - by me and by every single person who knows you. You are irresistible and the most refreshing burst of happiness I know.

I love you so much my Lolly. Thank you for such a lovely first year.

All my love,

Here she is at one month.
Here she is at two months.
Here she is at three months.
Here she is at four months.
Here she is at five months.
Here she is at six months.
Here she is at seven months.
Here she is at eight months.
Here she is at nine months.
Here she is at ten months.
Here she is at eleven months.

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